Brekke Residence


Contractor: Ron Edwards

A two story, contemporary southwest residence with 1,813 square feet on the main level and 1,813 square feet on the lower level. The 1,481 square foot garage was design not only for three cars but also to accommodate a boat trailer and a snowmobile trailer. The property is located on Lot 4 in Copper Vista Estates, Sedona, Arizona.

The building site is so steep that retaining walls were designed to contain the driveway to the building site. It was also necessary to step the floor levels down with the slope of the ground in order to maintain the required maximum building height. The floor plan steps down three levels on both floors.

The property was densely populated with a Pinion Pine and Juniper. Care was taken during construction not to disturb the area outside of construction. As a result the house today looks like it has always been there and the trees grew up around it.