Design Process

Every project begins with two major components: the Owner’s Building Program and the Owner’s building site.

The Wells Residence Front Door

The Wells Residence Foyer

The Building Program is a compilation of the Owner’s wishes and desires as to the elements of the home as they know it. We have itemized lists that assist the Owner in making these decisions as well as an interview process including a question and answer session. The end result is a comprehensive “wish-list” Building Program.

Building site information is achieved by having a survey of the property performed that includes boundary property lines, property corners, contour intervals, and tree locations. Additional site information is gathered by site visits to obtain view bearings, identify specimen trees, geophysical elements, prevailing breeze directions, orientation of rising and setting sun, etc.

The site plan is then plotted using the building site information and the Owner’s Building Program. From there, with an understanding of the construction budget, the Schematic Design Phase can begin.

Schematic design begins with the floor plan/site plan design sketches indicating not only room arrangement and flow, but also how the floor plan orients with the site, i.e. views, trees, driveway, building entrance, etc. Additional sketches include small-scale exterior elevations, roof plan and a typical building cross section indicating how the building is placed onto and/or into the ground.

The purpose of the schematic design is to present a potential design solution in sketch form for the Owner’s review and comment. Once an acceptable concept is obtained, the design progresses into the Design Development Phase.

The design is “developed” at a larger scale identifying more accurately the elements, form and character of the design. We perform furniture overlays to give the Owner an idea and a sense of scale. We also examine structural elements as well as how mechanical equipment and ductwork is routed within and through the structure. A site plan, floor plans, roof plan, exterior elevation, and multiple building cross sections are developed and presented to the Owner for their review and comment.

Upon the approval of the Owner we proceed with the preparation of the Bidding and Construction Documents, i.e. Working Drawings and Specifications. We set forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the entire project. Also, during this time we discuss how the project is to be bid with capable general contractors.

Upon direction from Owners, we submit plans to Contractor to begin the bid phase. Bids are received and reviewed with Owner. Upon acceptance of the bid by Owner, we assist Owner in construction contract negotiation with Contractor. We establish how the Contractor is to be paid and finalize pay request and distribution system before assisting Owner and Contractor in the execution of the contract for construction.

We observe construction activities and prepare and issue written field orders as necessary. We receive, review, and certify payments to the Contractor. We consult with Owner and Contractor. Upon construction completion we perform the “Punch List” inspection and final project closeout.